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Soft Fall Testing - From Blacktown to Sylvania

The surface of playgrounds need to be implemented in accordance with the detailed Australian Standards (AS/NZS4422 2016). Failure to comply can leave you liable to fines, penalties and even playground closures.

To ensure your surface is adequately attenuated, whether through wet pour rubber, synthetic grass or other soft surface technologies, Playground Inspector is the number one service across Sydney.

Utilizing a comprehensive understanding of the law and regulations combined with the best in technology available, such as the top of the line HiSUN Uniaxe accelerometer, Playground Inspector can provide a first class Soft Fall Testing service for your playground or similar outdoor surfaces to ensure compliance with the law.

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Routine Playground Inspections - From Wollongong to Campbelltown

Ensuring your playground is continued compliance with the law can be a difficult and costly task.

By offering routine inspection services, the Playground Inspector can keep your Playground's operational costs low by continually ensuring that your playground complies with the duty of care demanded of you, is constantly being efficiently managed financially and the playground operates safely and effectively thus minimizing liability and injuries.

The routine inspection is a weekly or monthly visual inspection to identify any potential hazards created by wear and tear, deliberate destruction or adverse climate events. This routine inspection can be adjusted to cater to your individual needs.

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Operational Playground Inspections - Including Wollongong, Newcastle and across Sydney

Operational Playground Inspections are less regular than routine inspections, occurring on a quarterly basis.

Unlike the routine inspection, the operational inspection involves a thorough assessment of the entirety of the playground such as equipment functionality, shade availability, pathway quality and degradation and risk & hazard identification

Following this thorough inspection The Playground Inspector will provide a detailed written report to the owner of the site clearly highlighting the urgent issues and the less risky elements of the playground.

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